Bollywood Industry

Bollywood is the largest film producing industry in the World. It has head office in Mumbai which is great republic city of India and have 52 % share in revenue of box office compare to other box office such as Tamil & Telugu have share of 42% in box office. It is also known as Hindi Film Industry. It covers all over the India cinema. Bolly has high rank in cinema market Because Indian film industry has other producing centres also which makes films in other languages. The film industries of World give more job employment opportunities to public, it has top rank in it. It produces films in large number every year. The many films releases by this industry take popularity in World Cinema.
The word Bollywood is inspired from West Bengal Film Industry named Tollywood. But it comes to existence in 1970 when Indian movie industry overtook the American Cinema industry. In Indian it produced 305 movies in 2015 according to survey report which is highest compare to world cinema report. Tollywood industry represents the south Indian film industry in India.

Raja Harishchandra was the first movie in Indian film industry which was a silent movie, had black white effect without sound. People were not aware about films at that time. After changing technology in 1931 there was first movie named as Ardeshir Irani’s Alam Ara released with sound option. People prefer it because they were understood. But for independence people has less craze, at that time Indian is under control of British Rule. In 1937, Film industry Release first colour movie was named as Kisan Kanya. But colour of this movie was not in good quality. After 1950, Film Industry takes guidance from Hollywood film industry and produced many movies such as Nagin in 1953, Mother india in 1957 etc.
It gives chances to many new comers in industry. Now Days they have popularity in Indian film industry as well as world film industry. From starting of industry to till now many superstars spent their life in this industry. There are following few old stars which have popularity in the cinema.
1. Amitabh Bachchan: – Amitabh Bachchan is popular film star in World film industry. He gives many super hit movies in cinema has long list of fans. He is born in 11 Oct 1942 in Allahabad. His debut movie is Saat Hindustani. He gained popularity in 1970 with movie Zanjeer & Deewar. Firstly he is popular with role of angry young man. Now he is called with many names like Big B, Shahenshah etc. In 1984 he got Padma Shri award from government of India. He spent his entire career in this Cinema.
2. Dharamendra: – He is cinema’s oldest actor & producer which spent whole career in film cinema. He is born in Dec 8, 1935 in Nasrali, Ludhiana. His debut role was in Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere in 1960. He also gives many hit films during his career. In 2012, he got Padma Bhushan Awards. He create public fan following by play role in super hit movie sholay. He also won Film fare magazine new talent award. He has his own Production company which popular with name Vijayta Films. Betaab movie was first movie of his production.
3. Dilip Kumar: – Dilip kumar is famous old actor of cinema. He is born in 1922 in Pakistan. He makes debut in 1944 with movie names Jwar Bhatta. He takes leading roles in many Hindi movies such as Kranti, Shakti etc. He got 9 film fare awards from industry. In 1991, he got Padma Shri Award.
4. Rajesh Khanna: – Rajesh Khanna was super hit actor in Cinema. He was born in 29 Dec 1942. He was Bollywood actor, politician & director. He gives 15 hit movies from period of 1969 to 1975. He got Padma Bhushan award from film industry. His debut was in 1966 in Aakhri Khat.
5. Dev Anand: – Dharamdev Anand was oldest superstar of the industry.he was actor, director, writer, and producer. He has given much technical support to industry. The Indian government was give Padma Shri award in 2001 to him. His career spanned more than 64 year in movie industry and gives more 140 hit films.
6. Rishi Kapoor: – Rishi Kapoor is superhit romantic actor, producer of cinema industry. He is born in 1952 in Mumbai. His first debut was in Mera Naam Joker with child artist role. In 1974 he got Film fare award for his famous movie Bobby. He has first role as Child opposite to famous actress Dimple Kapadia.
7. Sunil Dutt: – Sunil dutt was actor, producer & politician in industry. He was born in 1930. He was honoured by Indian government with Padma Shri Award in 1968. He is father of famous actor Sanjay Dutt. His original was Balraj Dutt. His debut was in 1957 in Mother India movie.
8. Raj Kapoor: – Ranbir Raj Kumar was famous personality of Indian film cinema. His occupation was actor, director & producer. He had super hit career and gave hit movie to Bollywood. He got many awards in his career such as Film fare award, Lifetime achievement awards etc.

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Types of Women Clothing

Traditional Indian clothing has come into existence once again. If we talk about Indian clothes then the beautiful colorful and bright image has come into our mind. Today, Most of the people have become savy to the fashion. They prefer not only western wear but pay attention to the cultural dresses which can be categorized on the basis of religion, tradition and so on. The crucial role of these clothes can be seen in festival seasons, through this human get elegant and tempting look in special gathering. If we take into consideration the women choice of style and trend then they choose different dresses based on divergent occassion. Women all around the world can get stylish wear at local shops, Malls and more convenient way is Online Shopping Sites like

Women clothes are classified in following category:
1) Anarkali suits
2) Salwar kameez
3) Punjabi Embroidery Designs  Suits

Anarkali Suits:
Anarkali Dress has won the heart of every ladies all over India. In Anarkali we can see the fusion of traditional and modern touch. For any special occasion women first choice is this attire in fact women wardrobe is incomplete without this dress. Anarkali suit is the best outfit when your wife, sister of even you want a classic touch with modern look.

Types of Anarkali Dresses
a) Cotton Anarkali
b) Silk Anarkali
c) Bridal Anarkali
d) Party Wear Anarkali
e) Traditional Anarkali
f) Designer Anarkali
g) Simple Anarkali
h) Pakistani Anarkali

Get Anarkali According to your shape:
i) Pear Shape
ii) Rectangle Shape
iii) Hourglass Shape
iv) Apple Shape

You can easily design any type of anarkali dress only at Wah Fashion online portal. One can get best collection of anarkali designs over there.

Salwar Kameez:
Since last few decades salwar suit have been the most comfortable wear for women. It is the traditional wear of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pardesh. Fundamentally salwar kameez consist of three parts:
Salwar: loose trouser that goes narrow at the ankle.
Kameez: a long tunic or shirt
Dupatta: like a scarf

All of these three section get together gives elegant look to female. One can design distinct salwars with kameez like: Basic salwar, Patiala, Dhoti, Straight, Afghani, Sharara, Trouser and Parallel Salwars. The fashion may vary from time to time. Its always better to wear a salwar Kameez. To get a complete range of Salwar Kameez for every age and all occasions visit Salwar Kameez Section Now.

Churidar Suits:
Nowsday churidar designs have become popular. It is the combination of three sections Kameez, Churidar and Dupatta. Churidar also come into divergent types:
a) Long Length
b) Knee Length
c) Full Length

Women can choose and get online these design only at wahfashion portal.

Punjabi Designer Suits:
Punjabi suit are famous for the beautiful color combination and embroidery work. They are famous not only in India but worldwide people demand for it. They come in various fabrics for example in Crepe, Silk, Cotton, Khadi Silk, Dupion Silk and many more. The punjabi salwar kameez is embellished with two types of embroidery Machine Work or Hand Work.

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Saree is also one of classic clothes in India. Sari is nothing but a simple 4 to 9 meters unstitched fabric that is draped over the peticoat or stitched blouse. Sarees can be classified on the base of its wearing style. Following are the some popular sarees:
a) Sambalpuri Saree – These wrapped garments came from East
b) Kanchipuram Saree – These saris are popular from South
c) Pathani Saree – Commonly find in West
d) Banarsi Saree – These traditional type came from North

You can also check the saree category of wah fashion which are categorized in following way:
Casual Saree
Designer Saree
Saree cum Lehenga

Lehenga Choli:
Lehenga is a first choice of women for the occasions like Wedding, Party, Function and Festivals. If we talk about bridal lehenga then half of the credit for bride looks goes to her lehenga choli choice. WahFashion can design following types of lehenga choli:
a) Circular/ Flared Lehenga
b) Mermaid/ Fishtail Lehenga
c) Panelled Lehenga
d) A-Line Lehenga
e) Sharara cut Lehenga
f) Straight Cut Lehenga
g) Lehangas with a Jacket
h) Half Saree Lehenga

Kurtis in this age and day has become quintessential part for women in India. Because of its decent look and designer pattern kurtis are first choice of college going girl. One can easily design following types of kurti at WahFashion:
Tail Cut Kurti
a) A-Line Kurti
b) Trail Cut Kurti
c) Anarkali Kurti
d) Angrakha Kurti
e) Dhoti style Kurti
f) Flared kurti
g) Indo-Western style kurti
h) Floor length/Gown style kurti
i) Long straight kurti
j) Pakistani kurti
k) Colour-block kurti
l) Printed kurti
m) Shirt kurti
n) High-low kurti
o) Kaftan style kurti
p) Princess cut kurti
q) Asymmetric kurti
r) C-cut Kurti
s) Tulip Kurti
t) Overlay Kurti
U) Double Layered Kurti

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Internet had a Big Impact on the Entertainment Industry

Today life is full of stress, worries and fear and especially in modern cities circumstance is more defeat. Everyone is busy in their own life no time for friends, family even himself also. People are running behind money and hectic schedule. Life become more complicated day by day no one having time to relax for a minute and relief on stress. I think no more need to explain that time when you are in tensions about the office of some problem automatically your whole day hectic schedule. Entertainment is special salt for this stressfull, distasful and boring life. It is the technique of keeps the life going otherwise we are feeling like dull and cloying, it gives us full of energy and positivity. It can be in any form depending upon their choice and happiness. Redwap is a form of activity that grip the awareness and attraction of public. It can be in any design but today most of the people like interesting and exciting flurry in their life. Every person has a distinct preference in all matters.
However, Music helps us to less their whole day stress. Virtually every human being having habit and like to listen any kinds of songs and interested to watch movies. Traditional time people like classical and smooth song in Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar, Muhmad Rafi voice. Those songs are still first choice of many individuals. Sounds are in chirping of birds, water falling from the mountain and in any religious place. When a person listen his favorite songs and shabad with his close eyes, then the heart beat of that person is smoothly and got relax easily. Reading books, newspapers, magazines are also a good source of entertainment. It can help us relieve stress and definitely refresh the mind. Reading is a very good habit. It also provides us knowledge but makes good habit and creates very good vocabulary. It helps to have a better look all rounder the world.
On the other hand outdoor and indoor games are played very essential role in our life. We can go for picnic with friends and family members and enjoy on it. Nowadays internet is one of the fundamental factors of entertainment. It helps us in anything and anywhere we are sitting. It is the major aspect to entertain to an individual with number of features. Through networking we can play online games, watch online movies and listen any song.  There are lots of social-media sites and we can easily keep in touch with our friends and relatives. Face book, twitter, instagram, whatsapp and so many social sites which can help to interact with unknown person also.
Moreover, it is the motive of affecting people no matter that will be positive or negative. The entertainment and the fashion world are interlinked as we know. Television shows, cinema and music are not only famous for shows they have become outlet because of fashion. Obviously, all artists are also popular for their dressing sense. Most of the companies, government and brands are taking help of internet to start any new thing so that they can promote and convey their massages into the world. Now, Most of the actress and celebrities from the entertainment world are design their own dresses style.
As such, e- commerce is more affecting the entertainment industry. It includes under music, movies, television, games, sports, and much more. Networking has completely changed the technique of making easy and less expensive.
With the help of internet, people can buy a movie ticket through online. They can enjoy movie online as well as in cinema also with their friends and family.
·         If you want to purchase online then just go through on well known sites. You can do payment through credit card and pay cash on delivery.
You can get advantage of internet by uploading your own videos on you tube so that your viewer may watch that videos at their convenient time.
If anyone wants to listen songs online then he or she can download songs on diversion of musical sites. Every site has different quality but the most visited site nowadays in youngsters as well as all aged of categories is mr-punjab. Because it have a good songs collections of all languages. Easy to find any song help of unique title. Most important part is with the help of any of this site you can get your favorite song without any cost just you need network connection to attach with device.
This has conduct to me realize to the entertainment industry is constantly changing our perceptions of who we are and it also reason of amend our culture. People are observing the celebrities and instantly change their own views. Especially youngsters are trying copying those personalities. They don’t want to look like average and middle class family so that’s why they are trying to be like them.
In conclusion, we have lots of techniques which can do entertain us at anywhere in the world. We can enjoy with our near and dears.